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    The work of Aart Rudolphy (Gorredijk NL,1967) is partially characterized by his encounter with the sublime. In his projections and installations there is a continuous tension between the material and immaterial. Archetypal objects and classical subjects that figure in his work lose there original purpose, are loaded with a new meaning and show a different view. They burn, melt, fall down for example or disappear in darkness and deal with desolation. Installations built in lightweight materials like styrofoam, projections shot in one take without editing. Searching and waiting, uncovering details with light, timelapse and slowmotion.

    Contact : aartrudolphy[at]gmail[dot]com    [+31641499268]

  2. Exhibitions    (Selection)

    2019            Melklokaal, Heerenveen, the Netherlands ( Lustrum)

    2019            Between You and Me, Tilburg, the Netherlands. (Summer Program)

    2018            Melklokaal, Heerenveen, the Netherlands. (Duo with Martijn Schuppers)

    2018            Between You and Me, Tilburg, the Netherlands. (Summer Program)                                   

    2017            Arpeggio, Haren, the Netherlands (Groupshow)

    2017            Between You and Me, Tilburg, the Netherlands. (Curator Kie Ellens)

    2016            Biotoop, Haren, the Netherlands.

    2015            DISplay, BuroGroningen, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2014            Biotoop, Haren, the Netherlands.

    2012            Sign, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2012            Vespro, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2011            Trefkoel, Projectpresentation, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2009            Chromodomo. K09 / Wallhouse / Groningermuseum, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2008            Via Ventura 6, Salone di Mobile, Milaan, Italy.

    2007            KIK, Kolderveen, the Netherlands.

    2007            Wallhouse, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2005            8mm Filmfestival, Kampen, the Netherlands.

    2003            NP3, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    2002            Project Bloemsingel, Faculty of Art History, Groningen, the Netherlands

    2000            Gallery Sign, Groningen. the Netherlands.

    1999            Niggendijker, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    1998            Niggendijker, Groningen, the Netherlands.

    1997            Beeld 4, Grijpskerk, the Netherlands